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Jaga & Panthro

This is Panthro and Jaga - the last 2 of the Thundercat family.

Panthro is the tabby boy and Jaga is the ginger and white. Panthro is 16 months old, and Jaga is 11 months.


Panthro was terrified of his own shadow when he first came in, but he has turned a corner, and is much more confident. He will be the first to come to you for attention when you walk into their pen. His favourite thing is to lie down and be stroked all down his body and given a tickle on his chin. But he needs his brother Jaga (remember it was Jaga who gave Panthro his nun-chucks 😉) THUNDER CATS ARE LOOSE! They cuddle together and could never be parted.

Jaga is never far from his older brother - he is always there to keep an eye on him. Jaga really loves to play with a feather on a stick and the laser light - any toys for this boy and he’s yours! He's also very sweet and loving, just like Panthro.


They both went out when they were at their previous home, so I do think they would like a home where they could eventually go out into the garden. I would be more cautious on letting Panthro out until he really trusted you. They’re really affectionate and they love to be stroked, and they are happy little boys. They have been neutered and have finished vaccinations. They are microchipped and up-to-date with all of their flea and worm treatment. They would look forward to your visit if you are keen to meet them.

If you could give Jaga and Panthro their forever home, then please fill out an adoption enquiry form and get in touch.

Jaga the wise warrior, and Panthro the strong and noble of the cats.

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