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Meet our current volunteer Abby Scott

Abby(above) is 17 and has been volunteering for us every Saturday for over 4 years. She also helps out with event days and fundraisers.


Abby loves ALL animals, especially cats and hopes to become a vet in the future. She helps out with all duties, such as; playing with and exercising the cats, feeding the cats and cleaning out the catteries.

Abby’s family are a fantastic help too, they were one of the first families to adopt 2 of our rescue cats. They get involved with all the events and have also fostered for us when we're choc-a-bloc.

If you’d like to volunteer like Abby please contact us.

Pawpurrs Halfway House Volunteer Abby with Tabitha

You can support PawPurrs Halfway House in many ways. From working hands-on at the Halfway House in Chorlton, cleaning out the shelters, and feeding the cats - to helping construct, paint and weatherproof new shelters.


You may want to organise a fundraising event or help promote us. Whatever your area of expertise, we'd be glad to hear from you. 


We do our best to accommodate all requests, but we have to ensure we can provide an appropriate level of supervision which limits the number of younger volunteers - at the moment we can only have volunteers over 18. 

Click here to download our application form, and email over to us at

Pawpurrs Halfway House Volunteer Emily
Volunteer Emily

Emily(above left) comes to volunteer also, 2 days a week. She has done her Duke of Edinburgh's award with Pawpurrs Halfway House.

If you’d like to volunteer like Emily please contact us.

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