Percy is the most fun and friendly little 4-5 month old boy!


Percy was handed into a vets clinic after being found in a garden with cat flu. He was very under the weather for the first few days, but has now fully recovered and the boy we thought was a sleepy, passive little kitty who just slept curled up on our knees all day has blossomed into his true fun-loving self!

He’s the perfect combination of full-on kitten mischief and madness, but also loves kisses, nuzzles and cuddling up on your lap for a sleep.


He loves playing with kicky toys, pipe cleaners, and mealtimes are a race against the clock to eat the pouch contents before they make it into the bowl!

Percy would be suited to most homes, although he still likes to pounce on everything that moves, whether that be a toy or a human arm! So he might be best with older children rather than younger.


This little boy needs lots of stimulation and play, so would love a home where he will have plenty of human company or another confident friendly cat or kitten who likes to play! He will be able to go outdoors when he is old enough.

He’s been flea’d and wormed and is now ready to be chipped, vaccinated, neutered and to find his happy forever home.

If you feel like Percy could be the cat for you or a family member. Then please get in touch.