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Zelda was dumped at the door heavily pregnant, and within four hours she went into the worst labour that I think we’ve ever had to deal with. She had a Breached kitten stuck and could not get this kitten out. I had to physically help her and pull the kitten out.


When this baby came out another five came out, but unfortunately over the course of her nursing them, they all became so sick as they were clearly starved of oxygen inside of her and only one kitten survived.


Poor Zelda lost most of her babies, and had to have major surgery for something called pyometra. She has been overused throughout her short life for breeding clearly. Zelda has gone into foster care and is the most loving and affectionate girl. All she wants to do is lie down by your side and cuddle. 

She does not know how to play, because she’s obviously not been played with at all. But she will come and give you all of her love. If you are the kind of person who is happy to open your bedroom up to your cat and also let them come and lie with you most of the day. If you are working from home, then Zelda is definitely the cat for you.


She is about four years old, neutered vaccinated and up-to-date with her flea and worm treatment. She is going to make the best companion for a home without any other cats or a dog. I think she would be fine around children, there is so much love coming from her that I think more the merrier in the home. 


If you think you could be the right fit for Zelda, please fill out our adoption enquiry form, and get in touch with us.

Warrior Zelda

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