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Winter has been at Pawpurrs since December last year.


Her previous owners hadn’t neutered her, and left her outside to fend for herself. She was thin and exhausted and pretty much just ate and slept for the first few weeks in foster. Since she has built her strength back up her personality has just shone through!

She’s just a joy to be around. She’s fun and loving and will throw herself on her side for fusses or hop onto your knee for a snooze when you’re watching TV. She loves to lie in bed next to you, so she’d definitely appreciate a family who don’t mind her sharing the bed at night!

Winter has loads of energy and loves to play, batting her toy mice around with great vigour, and hurtling around the house at 100 miles an hour! She can live with another cat although it would need to be a confident cat who can put her in her place when she gets too boisterous!

Due to her difficult start in life she can be a little skittish around new people to start with, so a calm, quiet home would be best. Older children would be fine but I think younger noisy children might scare her. She loves company so wouldn’t suit a home where she will be left for long periods of time alone.

She has started to show an interest in going outside, so would appreciate a safe, outdoor space to play, away from busy roads, and a cat flap would be fab, so she never feels that she’s been locked out of her home again.

Winter is about 2-3 years old. She’s been neutered, chipped and vaccinated and up to date with worm and flea treatments.

If you think you can give Winter her furever home, please fill out our adoption enquiry form, and get in touch with us.

Cosy Winter Dreams

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