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Bunny was picked up in an alleyway in Old Trafford after her mummy cat had left her behind with her sister Mouse. They were picked up, put into care, and immediately thrown into the mix of the Pawpurrs crew.

She’s been integrated into the crew of other cats and become such a social butterfly. She loves her kitty friends, a good snuggle in bed, and an energetic play. She needs companions and can even get on with big dogs.

For such a little, petite girl she’s got a big personality! Bunny likes pom-poms, feather wands, and chasing with other cats. She needs to be able to go in bed with her humans and to be able snuggle feline friends. Bunny is best suited for indoor only/catio homes due to her skittish nature with the outdoors.

Bunny is spayed, vaccinated, and up to date on all flea/worm treatments.

If you think you could be the right fit for Bunny, please fill out our adoption enquiry form, and get in touch with us.

Oh Bunny Bunny

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