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Seren & Dipity

They were called this, because they definitely were in the right place at the right time, and so was I to make sure that they got to a safe place right now.


Seren and Dipity are two very lucky boys who were found in a carrier bag in Alexandra Park by a local Dog Walker. They then came into the charity and I could not believe how affectionate the pair of them were. Instantly, they were lying on your laps. It took them a few weeks to learn how to play. I’m not sure what happened to them beforehand but they definitely were not aware of what playing was.


They must only be about seven or eight months old. Definitely brothers because they are so bonded. They must be homed together. They have now been fully vaccinated and neutered microchip flea’d and wormed.

I think they would be happy in a home with a family and a safe garden space. They are definitely showing interest in the wildlife outside and I think they would love to get out and run up and down the trees. Whoever is to adopt this adorable pair of brothers are going to be so lucky because they are extremely sweet and now enjoy to play. I’ve noticed that they like to watch TV. But most of all their favourite pastime is to just lie with you. If these are the kind of cats that you are looking for then you couldn’t get a better pair than these two beautiful boys, Seren & Dipity

If you could give Seren and Dipity their forever home, then please fill out an adoption enquiry form and get in touch.

Right Place at the Right Time

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