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Nellie came into Pawpurrs because her human mummy has been taken into hospital and unfortunately will not make her way out. We had a phone call from a family member who has been caring for Nellie for 8 weeks within the family home and was in quite a panic because it was clear that Nellie and her daughter(her kitten CeeCee) needed to be rehomed, quite urgantly. These two can be separated because they are not particularly bonded. 

Nellie is a mummy cat, but wants her own space to chill. She has been outdoors previously. She is indoors currently due to her being in foster care, but can be outdoors again if you have a nice safe garden for her to roam in.

On meeting Nellie for the first time we were greeted with such a bundle of energy, she is quite the character and will roll on her back and give air biscuits straight away! She is very confident in herself around strangers.

I feel she would be suitable in a home with children because of her gentle nature. She is happy to play with all the toys, and with children, I am sure she would love this.

She could even be in a home with another cat, I don't think they would be the best friends 😂, but they wouldn't argue either.


If you would like to meet her, please let me know and we can arrange a visit to her foster home. Right now she is awaiting her vaccination course before adoption.


If you would like to meet Nellie, please fill out our adoption enquiry form, and get in touch with us.

2 year old Tuxedo

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