Wilbur is around 3 years old and is the most gentle giant you could ever meet.


He’s big in size which only matches the size of his heart. From the moment you meet him he’ll insist on giving head bumps and loves nothing more than a scratch under his chin.


After being abandoned in a dog crate he has remained the sweetest and most loving cat in the world and deserves nothing more than somebody to give him their undivided attention.


Wilbur currently likes to hide under the bed and is still a little nervous with sudden noises. If he hears someone walking past the door or a car door shutting outside he will immediately run and hide. However with a bit of reassurance and some loving pets he will usually comes running out again once his confidence returns.


Despite his shyness he demands a lot of attention, often favouring a pet or a scratch over a treat. He’ll lay with you and roll over onto his back and has the loudest purr you’ll ever hear which is often non-stop (see video)!


He’s very vocal and loves to make sure you know how he’s feeling, whether he’s happy or upset that he couldn’t catch the fly he’s been terrorising. In Foster Care he’s beginning to play with toys and is getting better at catching the ribbon every day!


Whoever adopts Wilbur needs to have a lot of patience, because the boy has clearly been through a rough time. He'll probably prefer being an indoor cat and best suited to someone whom is home a lot and who has bundles of love to give, as he really needs it. He will definitely give you all the love and more in return.

Wilbur is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, flea’d and wormed, and also comes with our 5 weeks pet insurance.

If you feel like Wilbur could be the cat for you or a family member. Then please get in touch.