I'd like you meet Toby!


He’s a 14-year-old boy who was rescued in Old Trafford in January this year. 


We were alerted that a cat was living in a cardboard box at the back of some houses in Old Trafford. We were told a terrible story that people kept throwing the box away and nobody knew who's cat he was? A few families had been feeding him and had been doing so for over 10 years!


When Toby came into PawPurrs he was completely and utterly terrified, he did not have a clue what was happening to him. We’ve never heard a cat scream so much, it was heartbreaking.


At first we thought he might be feral, but his screams were because he was SO scared of his new unfamiliar surroundings, but after a day or two to familiarise himself, sleep in a warm dry bed and eat some tasty food, he started to come round.

I cannot believe how lovely this boy has turned out to be after his traumatic arrival at PawPurrs.


He lets you rock him like a baby, he loves his bum tickles, he is the sweetest boy and we are hoping and dreaming that we find somebody to take Toby into their home. Somebody to love him and care for him, for the last years of his life and let him appreciate the warmth, good food and affection that he SO deserves after 10 years of living in a cardboard box in a back alley.

If you feel like Toby could be the cat for you or a family member. Then please get in touch.