This beautiful boy is Teddy. 


Teddy had been a street cat for 5 years since birth. Poor boy had to live in a rotten hut at the back of a chippy, surviving on a few people voluntarily feeding him.


Teddy has been in foster care for a few weeks now but already you can see how much he loves home life. He loves a comfy cushion and most of all he loves cuddles!

He's still quite a nervous boy, a fast movement or a loud noise (like the vacuum cleaner) can make him jump and he can shoot off and hide, but not for long. Occasionally if you catch him off guard he will hiss, but it's quick and quiet and he calms down just as quick. The quickest way to win him over is just through lots of attention, sitting down on the armchair and letting him snuggle up between you and the sofa cushions.


Teddy can also be an extremely vocal boy. In the mornings he likes to shout for love and cuddles before his breakfast bowl has been filled. The most vocal he’s been is when he goes to the vet! Wow that boy can sing 🎶 MeOW!


We think Teddy would do nicely being the only pet of the house. He needs someone to give him the one-to-one love and attention he deserves. Preferably an owner who is patient and gentle and who understands what he's been through.

He does like to play, in foster care he has been chasing balls across the floor and batting around a little mouse, there's lots of spirit in him. He has also shown a lot of interest in the outdoors, but we're confident with enough time and the right environment that Teddy will be the ultimate lap cat. 


Teddy is neutered, chipped, flea’d and wormed and nearly finished his vaccination course. He will also be insured to by Agria.

If you feel like you or a family member could be ready for Teddy. Then please get in touch.