Is a very special little girl. She came into my care in November 2019. She has Cerebellar hypoplasia it’s a neurological condition in which the cerebellum is smaller than usual or not completely developed.

In cats, this condition is also called "Wobbly Cat Syndrome." 

She is now 12 years old and gets about just fine she knows no different and is not in pain. She’s just slower on her feet and sometimes falls over on her side. 

She is a half Bengal domestic tabby with really thick fur that must be brushed as she struggles with grooming herself and needs her claws clipping too as she can’t do that herself due to balance. 

Tabitha needs a loving caring human that understands her needs. She goes outside and is happy getting about the garden and is able to do stairs just not jumping. Which you then know she’s safe in the garden for a while. She loves to sunbathe and watch the birds in the trees. 

She happily does her toilet outside too but can’t cover her poop so I generally follow her and pick it up after her. Indoor she uses a puppy pad just fine rather than a litter tray as she can wobble stepping into one. Just these little things need catering for with her.

She is the most affectionate little girl and dribbles whilst being stroked. She loves being brushed and having her belly tickled. She sometimes has a hiss when she is first approached and this is just her on the defensive until she realises it’s you and she is then so happy. 

Presently she’s living with me in a house with other cats which she’s coping with but I know she’d prefer it to just be her or maybe just another old calm cat. Saying that she’s learnt a lot being around kittens and watching them play and will bat a crinkle ball about with great satisfaction. Oh and loves chasing the laser light! Even though she’s a tad slower.


If you feel you’d like to offer this precious girl a retirement home she’d love to meet you. Please get in-touch.