Risa &

Risa and Calvin BFFs!


Despite being surrendered to the shelter separately Risa and Calvin now share a special bond and we cannot bear to separate them. Therefore, we are looking for a forever home willing to accommodate this pair of besties and all of the joy they bring. 

Risa is a young momma whose maternal instincts make her the sweetest cat of them all. She has taken Calvin under her wing and loves to follow him around all day to keep him in check.


So whether they’re playing, chasing each other, plotting to steal your food or curled up together sleeping, you’ll rarely see them apart. Although she was forced into motherhood at the extremely young age of 6 months, she is now making up for the time she lost as a kitten and is enjoying the freedom she missed out on.


This freedom includes demanding a bite of every meal or snack you have in sight and forcing her way into the bathroom whilst you pee to purr on your lap. This means she now needs a home which she can rule as her own because though she is cute and tiny, she will make it known that she is the boss. 

Calvin (aka Risa’s shadow) is the most special little boy a cat lover could ask for. He is especially small but you can hear his purr from a mile away and he definitely makes his presence known regardless of his size. Everyone who has met Calvin has fallen in love with him immediately, meaning whoever gives him his forever home is a particularly lucky person. Within minutes of meeting him it's likely he’ll curl up in your lap purring as if he’s known you forever. Words cannot describe how loving and affectionate Calvin is. He needs a home which he can give all of his love to and receive the same in return. 

Can you give these two BFFs the home they deserve? We can guarantee you’ll be the envy of PawPurrs and Manchester as a whole as they are adored by literally everyone!


If you think you can provide an environment in which Risa and Calvin can truly thrive, then please get in touch.