Meet Rex


Rex has run the streets of Levenshulme for years. God bless him he was a young kitten who had a family but they moved away and left him behind. For years now, all the neighbours on the street where he had lived have fed him and looked out for him.


Sometimes a neighbour would give Rex a warm bed to sleep on for the night or invite him into their home for some food, but in recent years especially during Covid he's been roaming Levenshulme trying to find his next meal. When Katie saw a Social Media post telling Rex's story, we thought it’s about time he came into our care.


Considering he spent SO many years alone on the streets, Rex is one of the most loving cats we’ve ever encountered, He’s so happy to receive love and more than happy to dish it back out to you. He wants to cuddle you, paw at you, knead you and just be with you! 


Rex needs a loving home and an indoor space to live for the rest of his life, because unfortunately all those years on the streets mean he is FIV positive. This means he has a compromised immune system, which makes him more susceptible to diseases or infections from other cats.

We think somebody that works from home would be ideal for Rex he could go outdoors as long as it was safe and he wasn't likely to meet any other cats or go for a wander again.


Rex is 6 years old, neutered, micro-chipped, flea’d and wormed and he is ready to start a new chapter in his life in with good meals, in a warm home.

If you feel like Rex could be the cat for you or a family member. Then please get in touch.