Purrrfect Polly!


Polly came to PawPurrs September of 2021 heavily pregnant with her fourth litter, we think she is about 3 years old. Bless her, when found she was living in a shed, in Chorlton. She’d already had previous litters that had either died or were taken by other neighbours but some were living with her. Nobody seemed to want to help Polly and her kittens until the lady, who's shed Polly had decided to have her latest litter in, finally contacted us.


Once we had located her and assessed the situation we had to trap Polly, because she was so timid and we wouldn't let us near her. The lady who's shed Polly was living in kindly gave a home to one of her kittens and the others went into PawPurrs care.


Polly gave birth to 4 lovely kittens in November. Since then she’s been in foster care with Liv. This is what Liv has to say about Polly:

“Polly has certainly found her purr! I can’t believe the change in her. From hiding under my bed to curling up at the end of it! She is the most gorgeous girl. You can see from these videos why she needs to go to a home with another cat. She loves my Peggy. She sits next to me whilst I’m working to get my attention. I’m almost certain she will be a lap cat soon!”

“When she came to me you could barely get near her and she was SO timid, I honestly worried about being able to find her a home. She surprises me daily and is the most affectionate cat wanting so much love and attention! She' learning to play with toys and has recently meowed for the first time, and now meows for my attention and prrrrps when she jumps up on my bed! It’s heartbreaking to think she was living outside having litter after litter. Looking after her babies with no one to look after her. Fostering a cat like Polly is so rewarding and she is going to make someone the best little companion.”

Polly has been spayed, flea’d wormed, microchipped and fully vaccinated. She's also had a full dental check up and any problem teeth removed. Because Polly is great with other cats and has been used to company, we would prefer her to be adopted into a multi-cat household.

If you feel like Polly could be the cat for you or a family member. Then please get in touch.