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They'll be there for you...


Five cats were surrendered to PawPurrs, in a huge sports bag. Monica is the mother, Ross is the dad (who has already been adopted) and then we have Phoebe, Chandler and Joey who are the kittens. Monica is nearly 2 years old and Phoebe, Chandler and Joey are 8 months old. 


These 5 cats were surrendered because their owners went on holiday for two months and did not want to pay for a cat sitter or boarding so just packed them all into a sports bag and dumped them at PawPurrs gate.  


This is such a sad but typical story of taking on too many cats, not neutering them and just letting them breed so your children can play with them until they get bored. We are forever picking up the pieces of other people's messes, purely because they are either ignorant or are uninterested in simple cat care or neutering their pets. Which is why the two girls, Monica and Phoebe also arrived to us pregnant.


Although the story is quite sad the cats themselves are absolute sweethearts and deserve a really nice family home. All of them are fantastic with children, they are very gentle and have never shown their claws.


They can be quite shy at first until they realise that they are in safe hands. ALL of them love to play with ALL the toys in the shelter and they are quite particular with their food, only eating Doubly Delicious and Purina One biscuits, which is fine as we don't mind spoiling them.


We are happy to separate-up the four remaining cats. We also think they would be fine in a home with other cats. Not too sure about dogs though, but definitely fine with children and should be comfortable in a busy, bustling household.


The best thing would be to come and visit and meet these four and see which one you’re attracted too, or which one is attracted to you. They are all very similar in their personality and mannerisms, so it’s quite difficult to pinpoint anything in particular about them. They're all same, same but different. 


All the cats are fully neutered and spayed, flea’d, wormed,  microchipped and vaccinated are ready and waiting to be Friends.

If you feel like Monica, Phoebe, Chandler or Joey could be the feline Friends for you or a family member. Then please get in touch.