Lovely boy Jeff cat, he is an absolute pleasure. He is one of the smartest, sweetest little souls.


Jeff's favourite place is on the bed during the day, and he usually wakes up in the evening to play, and once you get in bed he is there with you. He is incredibly tactile and loves to cuddle you in bed, and sit on your knee. 

Jeff likes his space, and time to himself, but equally likes to be in the mix and know what's going on. He also is quite chatty, and will often give you his opinion on something. Jeff loves to play, and if you throw things he will often run after them and have a mad half hour. 

Jeff likes to be quiet alot of the time, and if you approach him too quickly or suddenly or tower over him he does not like this. He prefers you more to be on his level, and chat to him. Jeff also doesn't like loud noise or sudden movements (especially the hoover). 

Jeff is super smart... abit too smart. If you put birds on YouTube for him, he will look behind the screen and realise they are not real and give up. Jeff is absolutely perfect, and the most loveable puss with the loudest purr.

Jeff is FIV positive so is preferably an indoor cat.
He had also had his eye removed due to a previous injury.
This doesn’t bother him at all and is very happy after his surgery.
He is fully vaccinated, neutered and chipped and all up to date with his flea and worm treatment.

If you’d like to give Jeff a forever home then please get in touch.
You're welcome to meet him in his foster home.