Ivy is a beautiful young girl... only about 8 months old and been through so much already. 

She had been visiting a lady's garden for a while, begging for food, and even sleeping in her garden shed. The lady became concerned Ivy's wellbeing and contacted us for help.

We went to see her and although Ivy was a little under-nourished, she was relatively healthy. Ivy was not microchipped, so after making sure that no one was missing her in the immediate area, we brought her into PawPurrs. 

Ivy has the cutest meow it’s so small just like her. She likes to play alone and will quite happily entertain herself. But, the minute she sees you, it’s obvious that she is keen for a cuddle and will come over to you and shower you with love. 

Ivy will stay with us until the end of July. By then, she will be spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. She will then be available for adoption.

For any further information on Ivy, please get in-touch.

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