& abBie

These 2 sweethearts are the typical naughty torties... they are sisters and 5 months old.


They got surrendered into care just after Christmas due to being unable to keep them! 


They are both very inquisitive and love to play chasing each other about or rolling about in catnip. 

Abbie is the one with the more prominent line down her face. She is very territorial and could not live with another cat or a dog. Isabella is less territorial, but I do believe it best that they go as a pair and be the only cats / pet in the home.


The are fantastic with young children as whilst in foster they’ve loved a 4 year old girl playing with them. They love playing fetch and will run catch a tinfoil ball and bring it back for you to throw it again. Abbie loves to sit stare out the window. Whilst Isabella loves to sit with you and watch tele. 

Very beautiful looking girls.... I believe them to be of an oriental breed. They are waiting to be spayed next month and have started their vaccinations. Once completed they will be ready for a loving home.

If you feel like these girls could be the cats for you or a family member. Then please get in touch.