& flo

This is Hettie (tabby) and Flo (white & tabby) who were found with their Mom living under railway arches in Salford.

After safely being brought into PawPurrs the two sisters have been placed into a foster home. This will be the first home they've ever been inside and the first family of humans they have ever met.

They have made amazing progress and have gone from timid, hissing, scared little kittens to purring, furry, snugglebugs. In the morning they run up to you for a fuss, Flo will rub her little face all over yours, purring her head off and wanting all that loving. Hettie is a little more reserved but loves to play and will happily lean against you for a back scratch.

Flo loves sitting on you wherever you are (she particularly likes to be on your shoulders if you're bending down to pick something up) and Hettie makes the cutest chirps to find her sister Flo, or to see what room we are in. 

Having been in a foster care with an adult cat they would be comfortable in a new home with another cat. We would love for them to go together as they have a lovely bond and Hettie gets a lot of confidence from Flo. They may be a little shy at first due to their start in life but it won't take them long to adapt and start purring as soon as you enter the room (you couldn't ask for a better welcome!). 

Hettie and Flo are litter trained, very playful and love a cuddle.  They've both been vaccinated, microchipped and had flea and worm treatment, the come with 5 weeks free insurance and both will be spayed as soon as they're old enough.

If you feel like Hettie and Flo could be the cats for you or a family member. Then please get in touch.