The many faces Hank.


Hank, we think, is around 10 years old. He's a shy boy at first, but with some patient and gradual love, he opens right up. 

He loves breakfast, lunch and dinner... supper too if you're willing. Boiled chicken is his absolute favourite!

He's the most gentle boy, he might like to play once he gets more settled and gets to know you, we've seen some little playful paw swipes but it doesn't quite stick yet. 

Once he feels a bit more comfortable all he does is purr, he'll purr just for being in the room with you and he is all there for cheek scratches, and some shoulder rubs. He'll tolerate being picked up but it doesn't last for long. 

At the moment he is quite jumpy, but we think that will go away with time. Sudden noises make him jump but then he'll be curious where it came from.

Living situation:

We think Hank would be best suited with adults, he's gentle enough for older children but he's still quite nervous and younger children might scare him.

Being the only pet would be ideal so that he can receive the full love and attention he deserves after life outside. He doesn't seem to like dogs but cats might be a possibility, we're still testing the waters on that, but he seems more curious about cats than scared or defensive. 

Hank should be kept inside for a while, he needs to fully understand what it's like to have a home. It's taken a few weeks for him to start laying out in the open instead of hiding. We think once he's been in his new home for a while, and you can see he knows he's safe and he looks confident and that you're his family. It would be good for him to be able to go outside again, this boy's been outside for quite some time and he will likely miss it. 



Hank has been neutered, flea and wormed, he's got some wobbly back legs but we believe this is from being outside. He's got no bottom teeth, but he eats fine.

If you feel like Hank could be the cat for you or a family member. Then please get in touch.