Gypsy came to PawPurrs from Longsight after being forced to work as a rat-catcher for many gruelling years. Instead of living out her life in a loving, warm home she was left to survive without love, regular food or shelter.


Now in a foster home she has settled into domesticated life perfectly and is truly beginning to thrive. She is finally learning to play after a lifetime of being denied her basic feline needs and particularly enjoys chasing her own tail like a young puppy.


Gypsy also loves socialising and play fighting with her foster brothers so would benefit from a home with other cats. As each day passes she continues to come out of her shell, as she adjusts to her new life where she feels safe and cared for.


Now that her fur is growing back after extreme stress and neglect led to hair loss she is ready for the furever home which she desperately deserves.


If you think you can provide the love and affection she has been deprived of for 12 years and preferably have a big window she can lay in front of for hours, please contact us.

If you feel like Gypsy could be the cat for you or a family member. Then please get in touch.