What a Gem!


Gem was surrendered to PawPurrs with a particularly heartbreaking story to tell. Up until recently he had been happily living out his life in the warmth of a loving home, where he was cared for deeply. This life was tragically ripped away from him after his owner passed away and the family decided they could not care for him indoors, instead deciding to leave him outside.


Can you imagine life as you know it falling to pieces overnight? From spending 5 years in the place you call home to being abandoned on the cold, rough streets? From feeling loved and wanted, to becoming a burden who can be easily forgotten? This is the reality that Gem was forced to endure. 


Gem spent 6 long weeks crying at the door of his owner, unaware that she had died. This confused and dejected boy, who will never be able to comprehend that his owner did not willingly leave him behind, is grieving the loss of his home and the life and love he experienced there.


When he first arrived at PawPurrs he was noticeably withdrawn and apprehensive, unable to open his heart after the hurt he had experienced. Now in foster care he is slowly beginning to trust humans again. He enjoys playing, rolling around on his back, head pets and curling up into a ball near you. Although he is still mourning, he is clearly desperate to find a home where his love can be reciprocated, like before.


We think he would thrive as a house cat with an owner who is willing to put in the effort to make him feel comfortable and build a bond with him. It will take someone a little bit of time and patience for him to show his true personality, however the reward of his love and trust will be undoubtedly worthwhile. 

Do you think you can provide Gem with a home where he can feel safe and take his time adjusting to his new circumstances? Then please get in touch.