Frances is a real cutie, she is about 4 years old, and has not been in care that long.


She was left on the streets when her previous owner moved away and abandoned her. We think she’s had several litters and has only recently been spayed.


She loves having her head stroked and will turn on her back and let you tickle her belly. But if she’s just walking about she doesn’t like her back end being stroked. Not sure if something has upset her, but she prefers not to be touched there. 

She’s got the tiniest meow I’ve ever heard. It’s so so cute and she’s simply irresistible with her loving eyes making you want to fuss her all day. 

I’ve noticed she doesn’t like other cats, this could be because of being left to fend for herself and her litters, previous to coming into care with me. 

I think she’d make an excellent companion for a single person on their own. Frances doesn’t know how to play, which is really sad as tells me nobody has played with her.

She’s had an up to date health check at my vets and is ready to meet her Furever home.

If you feel like Frances could be the cat for you or a family member. Then please get in touch.