Fearne Kitten!


Fearne came to PawPurrs attention after she had jumped through an open bathroom window one night and gave birth to 6 kittens. The kindly lady whose bathroom it was came down to the toilet the next morning to find Fearne and her kittens and understandably panicked!


Once over the initial shock the kindly lady helped Fearne through the next eight weeks by feeding her, so she could nurse her kittens. She put up posters, distributed flyers and knocked on doors in the surrounding area to find Fearne's owner... but nobody came forward so that's when PawPurrs stepped in.


Other than giving birth to 6 kittens, Fearne had also had one of her eyes ripped-open, more than likely whilst mating. First we got her eye fixed and then she was spayed, so no more babies for this baby. Now settled, we see Fearne is the most sweetest, shy and timid little girl with the cutest little meow and she clearly wants to give and receive love, but just wasn’t sure how to go about it. She will demand that you sit down and she must get on your lap and she'll stick her little bottom in the air and loves to be tickled around her head and lies down on her side for belly rubs. 

She loves to play and has just found catnip and cardboard boxes. It’s clearly the most fun she’s ever had and the laser light pointer toy is her new best friend! We just adore her sweet little meow and the way she looks at you when she sits on the end of the bed making sure that you're ready to give her all the attention and fuss before going to sleep.

It’s going to take a very gentle kind of owner that will understand Fearne, as she’s been left to feel alone and abandoned, which we can see has affected her confidence. It will take a little while to gain her trust, but once you’ve got that you couldn’t have a more sweeter girl, she really is very sweet and very tolerant of all the cats in the PawPurrs house.

We think Fearne could be an outdoor cat again and also live comfortably in a home with a dog, or another cat, even children. We really don’t think she’s that fussed. She is now spayed, vaccinated, flead, wormed and also microchipped.

Do you think you could give Fearne the secure home life that she craves and more than deserves? Then please get in touch.