Undemanding Dillon!


Dillon is 4 years old and has been surrendered to PawPurrs as his previous owner has moved away.


Dillon loves two things, the outdoors and dogs. He can disappear off on his own all day, however he is also very affectionate and will always return for strokes and cuddles. He is very gentle when being handled or played with and has always been great with both kids and adults.

He doesn’t play that much with toys the only accessory he's shown any interest in is his cat bio pillow. His true passion is dogs! Dillon loves dogs, and will play with them for hours in the house or the garden. 

Dillon isn’t high maintenance and doesn’t demand that much attention. He will come in for his food and quite happily leave again to go find some more foxes or dogs to play with. 


Dillon has lived with a family, with young children, other cats and dogs. As long as he can get out n about, we're confident he’d be quite happy to live any type of lifestyle. Quiet or busy, family or individual owner, we're sure he'd slot right in.


Dillon is a big cat and weighs about 7kg. He has never had any health issues and is up to date with all his vaccinations.

If you feel like Dillon could be the cat for you or a family member. Then please get in touch.