Daisy is still looking for her retirement home. She is 12 years old and came into rescue with me at the end of May 2019.


Daisy has had a rough time recently, she was dumped out on the streets when her owners moved away and we since found out that she wasn't spayed until she was 9 years old and has had several litters of kittens. A family took her under their wing, but they couldn’t keep her indefinitely due to them having 3 other cats. So she ended up at the Halfway House. 

Daisy also has feline herpes which makes her eye weep. She’s had various treatments, but nothing seems to work. It’s just something that needs to be managed by kindly and gently wiping her eye each morning and night. That's it.

Since being at the Halfway House she has been fully vaccinated  and she is all up to date with her worm and flea treatment. 

She is a very independent lady and loves going out and getting fuss from passers by. She even has a reputation at the local Doctor's Surgery, as she likes to visit the patients in the waiting room and give them some reassuring affection before their appointment... she has starred a few times on the Chorlton Facebook page!! 

Daisy also enjoys watching TV (anything with animals) and playing with the feather wand. 

If you feel like Daisy could be the cat for you or a family member. Then please get in touch.