Chloe is a darling of a cat who hasn't had a great start in life. Only 8 months old, she was abandoned after her owners moved house.


Poor Chloe was alone and confused and continued to return to what she thought was her house, but the new occupants just turned her away. 

She had to roam the streets in the daytime looking for food and the nights hiding under cars, sheltering from the cold and the rain.


That's when a converned neighbour alerted us to Chole's plight. She kindly sheltered, fed and gave Chloe love and eventually began to gain her trust. 

Chloe is now safe in our care at PawPurr's with all the love and support she needs, never having to go through this awful experience ever again. 

We can now see that Chloe is such a kissy, affectionate girl, she loves to play with the feather bower and catnip is her absolute fave! She’s great around calm dogs and other cool cats. 

Chloe will be having her spay and vaccinations in July and will be ready for adoption early August.

For any other information on darling Chloe please get in-touch.