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Previously Snow whom we have now called Casanova!

....because he’s definitely been popular with the lady cats!


Our Casanova had quite a journey before coming into our care. His father had lots of kittens in the Chorlton and Whalley Range area, and these kittens have been the most beautiful of all.


Casanova was a reserved boy straight off the bat. He tends to retreat into himself before he starts to learn what the person in front of him is like. He will sit analysing who you are and what you’re about to do before he lets down his guard - but a few of us here at Pawpurrs have seen his soft side. He loves to lie on his side and have his belly brushed - and boy - has he got a lot of white fur. He is going to need someone with patience, but once he is out of his shell he is the sweetest boy.


He also gets on really well with other cats, and spends most of his time at the shelter with all the cats in their pens, believe it or not. He like to play and is absolutely crazy over catnip but like I said to get this side out of him it can take a little while.


I think Casanova would be a great companion in a home with other cats, because he really needs another cat to come out of his shell. I think being at the shelter is holding him back. If he was to be rehomed alone, I think he would thrive eventually,  but the only thing is he could wander and not return home. He does want to be an outdoor boy so a safe cul-de-sac would be perfect for this boy. I hope that there’s somebody out there for him that sees what we see in him. He’s absolutely gorgeous and loves nothing more at the moment than to stare and talk to the birds.


Casanova has been neutered, microchipped and fully vaccinated. He has also been tested for FIV which came back negative. He is ready to go to a new home as soon as possible.

If you could give Casanova his forever home, then please fill out an adoption enquiry form and get in touch.

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