cable guy

We gave Jim this nickname as he was found with a cable tie around his neck, slowly strangling him to death. 

The night we saved him from the alleyway in Levenshulme he was close to death. That cable tie was a torturous way to die. Luckily I was alerted to the horror of the alley and he was one of the several boys I saved. 

I rushed him to the vets and they had to immediately sedate him and cut the tie off him, which was dug deep into his skin. What a survivor he is!


I have so much passion for these cats. Jim has now been given the chance to live happily and freely without that awful feeling of restriction around his neck. He's had constant nursing of his wound while it healed, but he is now SO grateful, I can see it in his eyes.

He just let us pick him up, whilst his wounded neck was washed with iodine and treated with steroid. He didn’t even grumble, not one hiss out of him. I think he just knew we were helping him. 

Jim fortunately has been resting in foster care and has healed up so well. He loves to groom himself and bask in the sunlight. He loves attention, likes being stroked and head butting you. He will skip away when he’s had enough only to come back for more later. He talks back when you talk to him and is really a beautiful little guy.


Despite all he’s been through, he has never lashed out. He is starting to trust in humans again and is feeling very settled in the home environment. And as you can see he’s such a poser now for photos.


He’s about 2 years old, has been neutered, flea’d and wormed and Microchipped to the shelter. We were waiting for his blood results to come back before starting his vaccinations. They're back now. All clear, so his vaccs will start soon.

Jim is playing with his scratcher and cat nip toys and he now has the chance to behave and act like a real cat. I really hope that someone can have a place in their heart for Jim and give him the love and home security that he desires.


I have sweat blood and tears for this boy and would love to see him have his happy ever after.