This is Bruno! This boy has given me many sleepless nights in the last 2 months, trying to rescue him. He’s been super clever and has evaded the trap numerous times. I tried nearly everything to entice him; fried chicken, tuna, sardines etc. What was the only thing he couldn't resist? Baby food.

He’s a beautiful all black male that I have been hunting through the streets of Levenshulme. He is also one of the several cats we saved from the alley. I know he’s been out there a long time and he was one of the first cats that sparked off my rescue mission.


He is so grateful that he is now in care and showing me just how affectionate he is. He’s a very happy boy and enjoys being stroked all down his body, bum tickles, head bumps and even kisses from this gorgeous boy.

He will engage in playing, but hasn’t let himself fully play yet. I know with time he will give this a try, with a human that understands that he’s been living rough for god knows how long and will encourage him to play and settle with them. 

He is waiting to be neutered and having his bloods done, also he will be microchipped to the shelter. 

As soon as I have completed these and got his results back. Then this gorgeous boy will be up for adoption.