Meet Brenda, a young tuxedo female cat with a big personality! 


We don’t know too much of Brenda’s past, we believe she was a stray for a while and then was picked up by Cats Protection who neutered her. They wrongly assessed her and identified her as a feral cat so she spent a few weeks on a farm. The farm owners immediately recognised she was absolutely not feral and adored human company. She has now spent a few weeks in PawPurrs foster care. 

Since being in foster care Brenda has thrived off interaction, affection and play. She has a lot of energy and enjoys playing with her feather stick and a box or two! 

She likes snoozing on the bed and will follow her foster mum around wanting strokes and attention. She occasionally is a little too rough and can still nip a hand when playing, so we're still in the process of training her not to do this. With some patience and consistently removing the hand away whilst saying ‘no’ and ‘gently’ she is gradually learning and nipping less and less. 

Brenda likes her food (chicken, tuna and dreamies) and is eating wet and dry food. She wolfs down her food and more if she had the chance. She is toilet trained. 

Brenda has experienced a lot in her young life and deserves the very best life where she can be spoilt. Due to her having a tendency to nip I assess she should be adopted in an adult only household due to children potentially not understanding and being as patient compared to an adult.

If you feel like Brenda could be the cat for you or a family member. Then please get in touch.