Appealing April


April she was surrender to PawPurrs in March. She was a very timid cat when she first came into care, she hid away at the back of the pen and didn’t let us near her. We thought putting her with one of our wonderful Foster Carers would be the best route forward and hopefully bring her out of her shell.

Once April got settled in Foster Care she's become a lot more confident. She’s very inquisitive and clever, purrs a lot and has a very sweet meow. Personality wise she is a lot of fun! Still a bit timid when it comes to affection but always ready to play. She paws and pats at a lot at things but rarely uses claws (unless she gets carried away). She hasn’t shown any interest in attacking or clawing furniture, she much prefers toys, foam balls seem to be her favourite.


April eats well, she's been eating three full meals a day and a few little treats and isn’t too fussy (there's only beef foods that she doesn't seem to like). She has also caught and eaten every fly and spider she’s seen! 


April is such a wonderful cat, we are hoping to find the perfect forever home for her. She has been neutered and microchipped and has started her vaccinations.

If you feel like April could be the cat for you or a family member. Then please get in touch.