Albert is a golden oldie. Bless this older boy he’s had a bit of a hard 6 months. 

Albert was also rescued from the Levenshulme alley. He was the first cat that we brought in. He is a ginger boy, roughly about 12 years old and neutered. 

We found out that he had lived on the Levenshulme street with 2 elderly ladies, that had both died. The families emptied the house, but left him behind.


He’s had to fend for himself since then, which was out of his nature and he clearly has struggled. He’s obviously suffered a trauma by being left alone and undoubtedly he will have been attacked by the other Toms in the alley. The fight for food would of been hard for Albert and it has left him very shy and reserved.


Albert has since been in foster care and still spends 80 percent of his time hidden out of sight. But, when he does come out he’s the sweetest old boy and he likes to show you affectionate by needing the duvet and chewing your hair in the night.

He has been microchipped and because he is older, (12 the vets think) he's having blood tests to check his overall health.


If you have a retirement home for Albert he’d love you dearly for it. He may not show it at first, he will hide until he feels assured, but with some patience and TLC you could give him the safe and loving retirement he deserves.

Albert is available to meet whilst he is in foster care.